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What to Expect in Our Crawfordsville Practice

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

Your First Visit

To insure that your first visit with us is a pleasant one, here are the procedures you can expect. Plan on spending approximately 1 1/2 hour with us to complete a thorough examination of your spinal health. Also, be sure to mention you viewed our webpage. You will then be entitled to a FREE ION FOOT DETOX!


You will be asked to complete the necessary questionnaire and forms to help us get to know you. Also, if you would like us to bill your insurance carrier, please have your insurance card available for us to copy. If you would like to shorten your time in our office, you may complete your paperwork in advance. The paperwork can be picked up at our office or we can fax or mail it to you.


A member of our staff will document your health history. You will be given an outline about what to expect during your visits and our insurance specialist will advise you of the costs involved with care and provide you with a copy of our financial policies.


Dr. Bottorff conducting a McMurray orthopedic test.

Dr. Bottorff will perform orthopedic testing in addition to a chiropractic examination.

The Doctor and one of our staff will perform standard physical, neurological, orthopedic, and chiropractic tests to determine the cause(s) of your symptoms.


You will be shown a short video, to acquaint you with our office and explain how we help our patients regain their health.


X-rays are not necessary for everyone. The Doctor will determine if they are needed for you. These pictures are taken on site and developed within minutes. X-rays can show the location of any spinal problems. They can also help detect other serious problems and disease of the spine. X-rays can provide a visual advantage that allows us to better understand your specific treatment needs and better design a plan of care specifically for you.

Treatment Plan

After the Doctor has reviewed all of your testing results, he will then review them with you. You will be shown the X-rays, and discuss your neurological tests, and diagnostic findings. The Doctor will outline a treatment plan individually designed for your spinal conditions and health issues.


Based on clinical experience, the Doctor will explain your anticipated time for recovery and what you can do to help speed your healing process.


Dr. Bottorff will explain what he found and how he may be able to help you

Dr. Bottorff will explain what he found and how he may be able to help you.

Time will be left to make sure you fully understand the nature and severity of your condition and what our office will be doing to help you.

Adjunctive Procedures

The Doctor may prescribe the application of ice or heat, massage therapy, cervical/lumbar decompression, Ion Foot Detoxification, paraffin wax, Erchonia Laser treatments, or muscle rehabilitation as part of your care plan. These procedures are used to help reduce your symptoms and make you more comfortable. Great success has been found by combining one or more modalities with your chiropractic care. Patients have said that their spinal manipulations are easier and hold longer when they receive additional services that compliment their chiropractic adjustments.


Before your first adjustment, you will be told, step-by-step, about the procedure, and only after your approval, will the adjustment be done. The Doctor will then use a carefully directed and controlled pressure to begin to restore the alignment of your spine. Because the Doctor uses a wide range of methods, the adjustments can be adapted to suit people of all ages and body types from newborns to the elderly. Chiropractic is even safe for expecting mothers.

Future Visits

“We’ve Got Your Back!”

Typical visits usually last about 15 minutes, but additional time will be needed if the doctor prescribes supplementary applications. Most Insurance and Health Care plans are accepted for your wellness care. Please bring your Insurance Card with you, at your first visit, and our Insurance Specialist will verify your benefits.


Most Insurance/Health Care plans are accepted for your wellness care. Please bring your Insurance/Health Care Card with you, at your first visit. Our Insurance Specialist will then verify your benefits and review with you your payment options.

Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to meeting with you in person and learning how chiropractic can fit into your health care goals.

Give our Crawfordsville chiropractic office a call or click here to email us and we can arrange a time to explore your options!

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