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Crawfordsville Chiropractor : Dr. John Bottoroff Jr.

“They were nothing short of miracles!”

My father is a chiropractor and still practices at age 90. While his health and ability to function on a very high level seems incredible, the results of his efforts with others through chiropractic care definitely influenced my decision to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr. John Bottoroff Jr.

Dr. John Bottorff, Jr.

Many times we sat at the dinner table while Dad filled Mom in on the happenings at the office. One night it was a case of the two young boys who were scheduled to have a shunt placed from their brain to their stomach. Each suffered increasing brain pressure as the result of a condition called hydrocephali. After one month of Chiropractic adjustments, one month before the oldest boy was due to have such a drastic surgery, the surgeon canceled the procedure as his condition had “mysteriously” disappeared. The younger brother’s condition followed suit.

However, the most influential event was when Dad took me on house calls to treat a farmer.

The farmer had been accidentally run over by a combine. His son was unaware that anyone was working under the combine when he started the equipment and drove over his father. The event left the farmer with several fractured ribs and a broken pelvis just for starters. You can imagine how bad it devastated the family.

The medical doctors told the farmer he would never walk again. My Dad never believed in never, and had little faith in medicine. He kept a regular scheduled treatment plan by adjusting the farmer at his home, where he laid in a hospital bed. One day my Dad told the farmers’ wife to purchase a walker. On the next visit, Dad helped the farmer to his feet. “Now we are going to walk to the kitchen table,” Dad informed the farmer, and with a great deal of effort the farmer did just that.

While this incredible event took place I noticed the farmers’ wife. The tears rolled down her checks as her “permanently disabled” husband walked again. Then I realized the farmer was crying. Then I realized I was crying. Dad, however, took it all in stride. This was a life changing moment for all of us.

I thought to myself, “If I could do that just once. Just once, if I could have that kind of impact on someone’s life, I would feel so fulfilled.” With nothing but his hands, his knowledge of Chiropractic, and a profound faith in the body’s healing powers, Dad gave the farmer his life back. All this was done without the use of expensive toxic drugs, needles, or debilitating surgeries. The last time I saw the farmer, I barely noticed a limp, and when he walked away he was making time!

A Chiropractic Education

My Dad graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1956, so I felt compelled to follow in his footsteps. I started Palmer in the spring of 1979. I would be the first of 2, of 8 children, to graduate from Palmer. My sister had graduated several years after me. Palmer College provided a very structured and demanding routine. I was amazed at the amount of information I was exposed to, during my time spent at Palmer. I was blessed to have an excellent instructor, Dr. Bove’, who was a stern but fair techniques instructor. I learned that being able to adjust was an art. I knew the importance of technique and spent great effort understanding many different styles of adjusting. My dad provided me a wonderful foundation to Chiropractic and, Palmer College catapulted that into a profession and a passion.

While it sounds odd, I often tell my patients that I want their last day on earth to be their best day. The point is that a person can die healthy. I try to educate people about their beliefs about bad health, and encourage them to be more responsible and proactive about their health rather than waiting for symptoms to occur. Having a choice and a voice your own health will empower you. Besides, good health is much cheaper than bad health.

On a Personal Note…

My wife, Lori and I have been married 34 years. We married after my first year at Palmer College. She had just graduated as a registered nurse. Lori has been very supportive of my passion during the course of our marriage. We have three adult children, John K. Bryant and Angela. In 1993 we moved to Crawfordsville from Plymouth, Indiana. Those years allowed time for development and perfection of my techniques. Our move to Crawfordsville has made way for many possibilities for business and personal growth. In the fall of 1993, we established what is known today as “Advanced Chiropractic”.

Lori and I are members of St. Bernard Catholic Church where we have chaired many events and served on several committees. I am presently working with a church group to help a sister parish in Haiti. I am also the Vice President of the Lake Holiday Owners Association. Lori is still a Registered Nurse but after 25 years of helping deliver babies at St. Clare Hospital, has changed her career. She is working as a systems analyst building hospital networks. While she loves to read and enjoys various craft activities, I enjoy hunting, archery and fishing as well as working out, riding bicycle, learning new workout programs, and running. Because I believe the key to exercising is simplicity and convenience, I workout at home. With the equipment at home, I have no excuses. I can never complain I am too tired to go to the gym as it is in the next room. I just have to remain disciplined to do the work.

Dr. Bottorff working hard

Dr. Bottorff working hard.

I also believe in fueling the body with healthy resources. I, like the majority of people, know of the countless studies that say our food supply has been “altered” with additives; which some would call poisons. There is a fast fortune of money to be made in the medical sickness care model. I wonder why the medical doctors on the board of the FDA allow these “poisons” in our food? To counter the effects of such toxins, I watch what I eat. I supplement with fish oil, antioxidants, and several other vitamins that I know are essential to good health. I drink plenty of good water, because it is a great balance for the body, from the free radicals we are exposed to daily. I also include regular Ion foot detoxification as part of my wellness routine. Most importantly, I get regular chiropractic adjustments. I feel certain my routine is why I can say it was 15 years ago that I took my last antibiotic.

Disease cannot live where there is balance. In addition, I have never had an inoculation, nor have my children. Keeping myself healthy is my responsibility and I take it seriously.

Last but not least, do you know the average person at age 72 is on 14 different medications? It is not possible to monitor the side effects of such an over medication. Over a trillion dollars was spent on pharmaceuticals last year, at a staggering cost that has contributed to the crippling of our economy. All drugs, good or bad are harmful and should be used only as a last resort. This is one of the many reasons that as my patient, I will help educate you so that you can make more informed choices that will positively impact your health.

How can we help you know the freedom of good health?

Since chiropractic care involves a series of adjustments, with each one building on the foundation of the one before, it’s important that our relationship can go the distance. We’ve found that one of the best ways to have successful patient relationships is to explain everything in advance. No surprises!

The more you understand who we are, what we do and why we do it, the better results you’ll enjoy. It’s as simple as that. Give our office a call to schedule your appointment.

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