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Meet the Team at Bottorff Advanced Chiropractic

Office Manager: Kiley Wells

Crawfordsville Office Manager:, Kiley Wells

Kiley Wells

Kiley Wells began her chiropractic journey over 10 years ago. As office manger she is responsible for the supervision and coordination of business office activities. She strives to keep up on changing policies to maximize patient care. Ms. Wells also is a direct aide to Dr. Bottorff and supports him and any activities that are best for the patients. Kiley assists during patient exams, patient care, record keeping, x-ray procedures, and patient treatment plans given by the doctor.

Throughout the years she has gained extensive experience in patient exams, record keeping, patient care, x-ray procedures, neuromusclar reeducation treatments and decomposition treatments. She is constantly working to improve the chiropractic experience for all the patients. Kiley’s fun, positive, and outgoing personality has been beneficial when assisting Dr. John with new patients and children.

Outside of work she is a dedicated mother of 2 girls: Ava and Abbie. She loves summertime activities, vacationing and spending time with her family and friends.

Front Desk: Maddie Caldwell

Maddie Caldwell joined our team at the front desk with an energetic disposition and a smile. Maddie is enjoying working with the patients and the public. She strives to provide the best care for each individual patient while forming new connections. Her goal is to leave a positive impact on the lives of others. Maddie assists the Doctor and office staff while completing the necessary duties for the functionality of the office. She attends to the practice’s schedule, creating and confirming appointments for patients, as well as collecting and processing payments from the patients.

Outside of work, Maddie is the proud mother of a sweet little girl, Juniper. She feels blessed to work with such a wonderful and caring team of people, and looks forward to building relationships with the patients of Advanced Chiropractic


Care Align - Team Mascot

Care Align

Team Mascot – Care Align

Care Align is the newest member to the Advanced Chiropractic Team. She has assumed the roll as Chief Marketing Advisor. Care Align’s dedicated hours to promoting health and wellness have brought fresh insight to the office. She is a 1981 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic where she excelled in Anatomy and Biology.

In her free time, Care Align can be found watching her favorite show, Bones. She also enjoy’s grilling ribs, with her brother, Joey. Vacationing, collecting post cards, attending sporting events, meeting new friends and walking her dog are also some of Care Align’s hobbies. Please feel free to contact the office, if you are interested in having Care Align attend one of your events.

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